What is Graft?

Graft is an open source batch conversion tool for 3D model and image files. Create complex conversions using a list of simple Actions, then save and share those Action lists with others.


  • Built using OpenSceneGraph allowing large list of formats and custom plugins
  • Save and load Action queues to share conversion processes with colleges.
  • Preview files directly in the application
  • Plugin system allows custom Actions to be added using familiar osgDB Serialiser interface

Basic Steps 

Converting files with graft has two basic steps, specifying Inputs and adding a list of Actions. Inputs are model or image files and can be added through an open file dialog or dragged and dropped onto the application (including folders). Actions perform any actual conversions and are applied one after the other allowing complex conversions to be built from simpler building blocks.

Fully Extendable

Because the requirements of 3D and image file conversion are numerous and ever changing Graft is designed with a plugin system based off OpenSceneGraph object serialisation. Developers can build and register their own Actions with Graft in a few lines of code.